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Sima Amid



Sima Amid Wewetzer

Sima Amid Wewetzer originates from Tehran ,Iran. After completing her studies at the university of art and design in Iran, she came to the United States in 1978 and finished her education at Macomb Illinois University. Since that time, she has concentrated on her abstract landscape and she created her own technique and exotic colors of nature. That result in flowing care-free designs with a jewel-like paint quality.

Painting since the age of thirteen, Mrs. Amid Wewetzer feels that her art allows her become one with surroundings in a way that relaxes her and provides her with a tremendous amount of joy and happiness.

Sima has spent the last 38 years showing her vibrant work. She has had exhibitions from New York to the Iranian Cultural Art show in Beverly Hills to Sun City Museum of Art in Arizona and Museum of South West Minnesota University. From LA to Miami and many shows in Tehran Iran. This year has also been a very busy one with art book signing, art exhibitions and the house tour full of art and designs .

Mother and the baby “Mother and the baby”

Mother and the baby is an Acrylic paint on canvas. Water is peace full and I created water around this painting to create the feeling of peace through water. The peace and love of mothers have no limitations. I also used blue which is the color of love and peace. This painting is L 42" x W 32" and is a gallery wrap.

Farmer girl. “Farmer girl.”

Since I moved to Minnesota the life style of so many framers brings the images back to me from girls of the farms in Iran where I was born. This original abstract painting shows a little girl with her red rooster and a Brocken vase. The rooster is 3D and the vase is like an old one was found by her near the water falls. The size is L 37"x W 24 and it is gallery wrap.

Spring Flowers. “Spring Flowers.”

Spring Flowers are acrylic on canvas. The soft colors of white and yellow colors combine with 3D red flowers make a very special effect on my abstract painting. The branches also have special and unique effect on my abstract painting. This is gallery wrap and all the flowers and branches are around the frame.

The Caw at the farm “The Caw at the farm”

The caw at the farm is a large size 3D painting on a gallery wrap canvas. The trees are in special silver colors to create a matching color of yellow grasses. As I recently love to paint roosters here you see a few of them playing with the cow. This painting is an acrylic and I created 3D on some part of the painting to create a new technique of acrylic and clay on canvas.

Birds of Paradise. “Birds of Paradise.”

This unique abstract acrylic on canvas is about 9 layers of all different colors. The beautiful white birds are created with my fingers and feathers are created with my finger nails. The size is 24" x 24"

Birth of red flowers “Birth of red flowers”

I usually like to paint in large canvas. This time I decided to paint on small canvas and I was fascinated and so happy about this small painting of L20"x W 16". This is my unique abstract creation of red flowers at the moment of birth.

Statue of Liberty “Statue of Liberty”

Statue of Liberty is a very unique abstract painting I created on canvas. I wanted to show how much people are looking for freedom by having their hands up in the sky try to grab the stars of all the states and rich for freedom. This is acrylic and the size is L 39" x W24.

Birth of Flowers “Birth of Flowers”

This unique painting has a traditional background of my country. In the old days we use to sit on the floor with beautiful big pillows in our back and sitting on the floor. Here the musicians are sitting and playing music and the ladies are dancing. I like to show pomegranate fruits which are the symbol of birth.
This painting is a large size L 42" x W 47. The beautiful pink colors of flowers are showing the beginning of Spring and birth of flowers with their beautiful smell of jasmine and brings good memories of beautiful days in my country.

Loves me Loves me not. “Loves me Loves me not.”

The Title is from a very famous painting , loves me , loves me not. This is 3D sculpture on the wall and is made of clay. It took me one year to finish it. This girl is in love and she pick up a flower from the land while she was walking through a field with her sheep's. I added peacock on the side , because I love this bird and it is the symbol of luck. She is thinking of her love and pull the petal of the flowers one by one and see if there is one left . If there is one left then he loves her. As you see there is one left. He loves her. This sculpture is one of my best work of art and I am so proud to be able to create a work of art like this.

Exotic Branches “Exotic Branches”

This is an abstract acrylic on canvas. The gallery wrap makes it so interesting by surrounding the trees and branches around the canvas. The size is
L 32" x W 21" .

Musicians. “Musicians.”

Musicians is an abstract oil on canvas. This is in 3 panels and very large size. Each panel is L 90" x W 50". This makes a great painting for large size walls of a big house or a big building. The story of this comes from music lovers that gathered in a coffee house.