Erik Kerstenbeck

Coming from an artistic family, I was always surrounded by creatives. Being technical, I liked the magic of light, lenses and film and how they all came together in a darkroom to make something out of what seemed to be nothing but light, paper and chemicals.

I think my formal training as an engineer molded my way of looking at things. Imagining how radio frequencies propagate in three dimensions is virtually identical to visible light. Imagination and visualization always played a huge part in my education and now my photography.

I am always enormously excited by the idea that what I am creating can soon be shared. I love when people look at my work and then have to look again and again.


Gallery Work

These large museum quality images were recently on display at a major gallery in Chelsea, NYC

Floating “Floating”

A restaurant in San Diego appears to be floating ion the bay

The Ghost Ship “The Ghost Ship”

This mysterious ship appeared our of the mist in San Francisco then promptly disappeared back into the fog