Janet Wilson

I began painting in earnest in early 2011, although my artistic sense has been present all along. I believe that, as artists, our artistic vision is continuously growing through our experiences in life. A paintbrush is simply one beautiful way to express that vision.

My painting style is mostly self-taught, and my work represents my curiosity about the techniques employed with oil and the way that these transform the paint into a form of personal expression. For me, painting is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, exploring and learning new techniques as I paint, whether it is a landscape, an abstract, or an impression of something in between. My love of gardening, nature, and a general sense of the universe’s presence in all things is reflected in my work. Usually, my goal is to evoke a sense of peacefulness, serenity, or curiosity about life and world around us; sometimes it expresses simply the moment in which I am holding the brush to canvas.


Landscapes in Oil

Exploration in landscape painting.

Fall Sunset, Seattle, 24x36 “Fall Sunset, Seattle, 24x36”

This was painted from a photo taken of a late fall Seattle sunset, 2014.

Hidden View, 18x24 “Hidden View, 18x24”

This was done from a photo of the Carnation River. It was taken after a long, off-the-trail hike through the Carnation Valley near Seattle, Washington.

Homeward, 20x30 “Homeward, 20x30”

Inspired by the countryside on a road trip through western Utah.

Pagoda in Rain, 18x24 “Pagoda in Rain, 18x24”

Inspired by a photo taken by my brother while traveling in China. The original photo had many people in the pagoda; however, I prefer the empty pagoda and quietness of the scene.

Expression in Abstract

I focus mostly on painting landscapes; however, I have always needed to let go every so often - focusing less closely and experiencing what happens when not trying to control the work. I love to garden, and relate it to letting the garden grow wild to see what will happen or creating one's own perceived vision of beauty.

The Ridge “The Ridge”

This is a study of painting multiple colors with single brushstrokes.