Joe Giuffrida

About Joe Giuffrida

I lived for 11 years in the northern Catskill Mountains of New York, and this is where I began to paint in earnest. The barns, old farmhouses, and small towns captivated me and inspired me to pick up a paint brush and begin the journey. I try to capture the initial feeling that I get when looking at a scene for the first time. This can be a challenge because those impressions are often so fleeting, and can vanish before I have the chance to represent them on a canvas. My artistic sense seems to thrive in both an urban and rural setting where I am always looking for that initial impression to make itself known. When I fail to capture it, I continue on despite my failure and try to find an adequate representation of what lies before me on some adequate artistic level. I am primarily a landscape artist painting in acrylic and watercolor. I am fascinated with the three elements of color, value, and shape and how they can create a visual experience that will move the observer from the intellectual appreciation of art to the place of imagination and wonder. I am continually experimenting with style and method to make a connection between reality and imagination.


Watercolors of the North and Southeast

The images in this portfolio have been inspired mostly by scenes in the upstate New York, Eastern PA, and the West Coast of Florida

Downtown Cobleskill, New York “Downtown Cobleskill, New York”

This is a very impressionistic rendering of the crossroads of Main Street and Route 145 in Cobleskill, New York

Millman's Apple Barn “Millman's Apple Barn”

This painting was inspired by a visit to an apple farm in Columbia County, which sadly no longer exists.

The Vinoy Hotel “The Vinoy Hotel”

This painting was inspired by the Vinoy Hotel in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. It has been recently renovated and is a wonderful place for dining and spending the night. The Vinoy had its heyday in the 1920s.