Andrews Ayivor

Andrews Ayivor


Hello everyone, im Andrews Ayivor from Ghana , im here to show some of my artworks to the world to welcome each and everyone to take a look at my works.. I started painting at the age of 17 . Working as an apprentise from 2010 to 2013... Using mediums like "oil and acrylics" .. I love painting "" land and seascapes , portrait , pop art etc.. and painting in various styles like realistic, impasto, etc... I invite anybody to come see the wonderful works, which im offering to the world and join me connect to the world of art.. Thank you all :)..


Ayivor's Gallery

Ayivor's Gallery is created by Andrews Ayivor ,.! To show and invite everybody to come see all of my artworks which im offering to the world.

Landscape “Landscape ”

Landscape trees, nature mountain, and rives: oil on canvas . Size : 32cm x 40cm..

Sexy model “Sexy model”

Sexy model : is a painting on canvas in oil,, the size is 16" x 20 " inches. Painted in pop art style.

Bird landscape “Bird landscape ”

Bird on bare tree.: is a painting on canvas, in oil .. Its size is 25"x29" inches .

The kid “The kid”

The kid was painted in pop art style , oil on canvas. Its size is 29"x26" inches.

Waterfall “Waterfall”

Waterfall landscape : oil on canvas 39"x29" inches

The falls landscape “The falls landscape”

The fall D3 landscape . : is painted on canvas , with oil .its size is 29"x39" inches.

Gollum “Gollum”

"Gollum" painting is oil on canvas ., size : 17"x14" inches.

Night scene. “Night scene.”

Night scene landscape is oil on canvas 12"x16" inches.

Old man's portrait “Old man's portrait”

Oldman's portrait is oil on canvas painting in realistic style.. It size is 20cm x 15cm..

The Kiss “The Kiss ”

The kiss pop art, is oil on canvas , its size is 35"x30" inches...