Location: Canada

Established in 2010, JCK is an imaginative abstract artist, with an incredible passion for self-expression through pieces. Her works are often noted for their unique style of dark abstract elegance, and dimensional technique.
JCK has developed an innovative style that blends precise realism with abstract expressionism, and surrealism.
Inspired by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Louis Icart, Mark Lewis, Andy Warhol,Ramon Casas, Antoni Gaudi, and Salvador Dali.

Her work has been featured in:
-The Arts Factory Art Gallery LAS VEGAS NEVADA
-First Friday Festival LAS VEGAS NEVADA
- Agora Gallery in NEW YORK,NY June /13, Oct /13

-World Wide Art
-New York 2015 Art Expo

-International Contemporary Masters 10 edition Book 2016
-Royal Alberta Museum (Kingdoom show)
-Shade 105 Nightclub Edmonton
-Pose Salon St.Albert

-Has collaborated with Three Baaad Sheep
-As well as other local businesses, charity auctions ( Such as Bryan s Angels, Camp Warwa and Uncles and Aunts at Large)
-Cafes in Amsterdam Netherlands..