Loes Kouwenhoven

Loes Kouwenhoven is born in 1947 in the beautiful old city Delft in the Netherlands. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague and is art teacher for many years.

She is inspired by the normal things of every day life. Her work is a homage to the unique and particular of the commoness: a lady on her bike, a proud bird, a fisherman, sometimes expressed with a touch of humor.

The style of Loes is naturalistic. By focussing on the essence of her subjects and leaving out details she comes to the expression of her forms and creates her expressive bronze statues.
Her work is powerful and she is always aware of the interaction between form, space and light.


Looking at life

Walking around, I see the wonderful things of life around me. I try to catch them in form.
My work is strong as well as delicate and has often a sense of humor.