Denise Allen

Although I have always had a passion for art and initially was attracted to painting wildlife, my love of the sea was fostered while living in Bermuda. On returning to the UK I help found the gallery Artshed, but gave up my share to concentrate on my own acrylics, watercolours and oils and to establish the painting holidays I still run in Menorca and other locations. Today, the holiday island remains an important source of inspiration, though others include the craggy coasts and wild seas of Cornwall, Suffolk and Northumberland.


Deconstruction and Reconstruction

this is a selection of my collage works. I have my bodyscapes, life drawings with landscape collaged through, and my story paintings, a misture of several paintings on a theme.

Daisy in the garden “Daisy in the garden”

Floral imaged in this evocative pose. A2 in size, £165

Winter in life “Winter in life”

This is a large piece, A1 in size, framed. All the images are related to winter. £350

Emotion in life “Emotion in life”

Emotional poses in this life study. A1, framed. £350