Sam L. Boehner

Sam L. Boehner

Location: Canada


Born in Fredericton New Brunswick in 1960, Sam moved to the west coast in 1992. After finishing a degree in Biology at the University of Victoria and almost a fifteen year career in fisheries management, Sam happened upon watercolour in late 2007. It was serendipitous during recovery of a lengthy period of ill health. Sam uses this new found passion as a journey into peace, and self-discovery.

The light that Sam seeks in life finds its way into her subjects and influences the work most. She loves to paint subjects realisticly and in macro, that is to say close up, and is always searching for light and shadow in high contrast. When it is spotted Sam loves to paint the subject no matter what it may be.

In a very short time, Sam has worked hard to achieve her signature status with some of the finest art organizations in Canada.

Sam's work can be found in private collections from Nova Scotia to British Columbia in Canada, In the US, Guatemala, and as far away as Tanzania, Africa. To view paintings or to ask a question about her work or process please contact her at 250-652-2827.