Serge Demetrius Dube

Serge Demetrius Dube

Location: Canada

Since 1983 Mr. Dube has been painting with different mediums including watercolor ,oil and acrylic . He paints the gamut from realism,to impressionism ,to expressionism ,his favorite being surrealism .
Most recently ha has had great success with the development of is own acrylic technique which ,his work is spreading rapidly across Canada and around the world .Dube's use of bold color ,active line and fluid movement draw the viewer into his abstract
subjects,where on closer look they will discover a multitude of hidden images that have their way from subconscious to canvas

Mr. Dube has dedicated his life to exploration of the 4th dimension through paint and quality of uniqueness.
It's as though " the paint run through my veins "


New Work

New work painted in the last year

Flow to the Soul “Flow to the Soul”

24 x 60 Acrylic Available at my Studio