Julia Winter

Julia Winter - NL/RU b. 1965 in Moscow, Russia Lives in Amsterdam, TheNetherlands.
Statement :

The juxtaposition of different worlds is a recurrent theme in my works. I use opposites like male female, past-present or guilt-innocence and transmute them into a poetic or sometimes in a more political reality.

In the deconstruction of the original image and the reconstruction of a new one I involve a collective memory and a new perception of history .Time (past-present) is one of the quintessential features of my works. I create transitions from one reality to another and from the present to the past.
The series of portraits "PresentPast" are in a way three dimensional works and consist of two layers of photos combined in one frame. One photo on glass of a modern person is partly covering another photo of a portrait from the past. In this way I transform the faces and show that every reality is related to time and needs to be perceived without prejudices.


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