Jeff Vermeeren

Jeff Vermeeren

Location: Canada

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada a place known for its entrepreneurial spirit Jeff Vermeeren has always believed in the value of ingenuity, fearlessness, and unyielding optimism. These values have served as a guiding influence in Jeff's life and have driven him to always reach higher, dig deeper, and push the limits of possibility.

From a very young age Jeff has found inspiration through exploration and discovery, always manipulating and repurposing everyday items. As the owner/operator of a very successful demolition and excavation company Jeff has yearned to return to his creative nature. Jeff's passion for creating and his almost rebellious disregard for the ordinary led him to his work in Extreme Abstract.

This unique form of art is a perfect medium through which Jeff is able to share his electric personality and explosive ideas. Using a combination of fire, ice, pressure, and a wide range of unstable chemicals he applies vivid color to infuse in each piece a variety of feelings and moods. There is no way to duplicate one of his pieces.

"My art is truly one of a kind. With combinations of fire, ice, pressure and a wide range of unstable chemicals I create a variety of moods. "

Jeff continues his visual incursion on our eyes with the radical expansion of his craft.


The Universe

After spending an evening star gazing with my oldest son I was moved to create the heavens and how they came to be.

Blaze “Blaze”

This is what I imagine a comet is like.