Jennifer Kuhns

Jennifer Kuhns has been creating fine art mosaic for 15 years. Her work ranges from strikingly realistic to decorative, highly designed tile installations. She has been featured in many exhibits and galleries throughout the country, and works with salvaged glass, tile and other reclaimed materials, painstakingly shaping each piece for assemblage into whimsical, exquisite mosaic art. She also creates custom mosaic for corporate and private clients. Her public art and community projects demonstrate a rare ability to engage, educate and create community with all ages and socio-economic groups. She lives and works on a small farm in rural Western WA.


Mosaic Artwork

Salvaged stained glass, beads, recycled glass tiles, and ball chain. The image of an ancient Germanic deity whose festival was celebrated in the spring with painted eggs, sweet treats, and bonfires, with special emphasis on the rabbit seen on the moon's surface. 32" x 23"

Gabija “Gabija”

Salvaged stained glass on tile board, depicting a Lithuanian fire goddess.

Finely Feathered “Finely Feathered”

Stained glass, recycled glass tile, beads, ceramic on a reclaimed cupboard door. 14" x 14"

Dalai Lama “Dalai Lama”

Salvaged stained glass. 8.5" x 10"

Amanda Palmer “Amanda Palmer”

Stained glass. Only 6" x 8"