Sena Wilson

Hello! My name is Sena L. Wilson and I love to paint. Since I was young I wanted to draw instead of practicing my piano lessons. As it was I would proceed through life to develop my creativeness and skills whenever possible. I was captured by the paintings of Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, and Frederick E. Church. They captured such beauty on the canvas with light and color.

My favorite medium is acrylic paints on canvas in the style of realism. I favor creating light and atmosphere effects in my landscapes, seascapes, and still life. My goal is to spark joy, emotions, or remembrance from the viewer.

My studies includes college courses at West Palm Beach Jr. College, the Palm Beach Art Institute, specialized training under various artists, and self-taught skills. My artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries and art shows in Missouri and Texas.

My portfolio consists of various awards, illustrations for poetry books, children's books, book covers, greeting cards, private clients, and sales of fine art paintings, as well as open studios on various websites.

I am also a published cookbook author.

Thank you and my best wishes to all.


Sena Wilson

Professional Fine Arts Artist

Sena Wilson “Sena Wilson”

This a painting of a cowboy searching for a lost yearling. Digital oil on canvas

Rugged Beauty “Rugged Beauty”

Capturing the beauty of the southwest. Digital oil on canvas.

Chef's Blend “Chef's Blend”

I love to paint still life and create the beauty in simple, every day items. Digital oil on canvas.

Quiet Harbor “Quiet Harbor”

Acrylics on canvas.