Sandra Bottinelli

Bottinelli, throughout her career, has bounced rhythmically between abstract and realism. Being a highly logical and simultaneously emotional person, a combination resulting from the genetics of a Chilean father and German mother, the artist was forced to make this jump often. Her current body of work combines life forces in the analytical forms of animal and human figures with the mysterious and abstract appearances of spacecapes.

Sandra Bottinelli was born on the east side of New Jersey later traveling to south Florida during her early teens. As if it were innate, she has been pursuing her passion as an artist since a very young age.

Attending the University of Michigan, Bottinelli earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995. Desiring to experience the world and further her studies, she chose to travel to Europe where she studied the Fine Arts in Salamanca and Barcelona, Spain for over a year. Affected by the energy of the museum walls, oil paints became her medium of choice. This experience was to heavily influence her style and aid her in finding herself as a true artist.

Returning from Europe, Bottinelli moved to Portland, Oregon, where she continued to paint, study and display. She quickly became a regional favorite and her works were shown in numerous galleries over the course of seven years. She later moved to Orlando, Florida for a short stay of three years during which she participated in the numerous art fairs that are popular throughout the state, receiving many honors and awards for her oil paintings.

Towards the end of 2011 Bottinelli found herself settling in and loving the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina where a large art scene was just beginning to erupt. She now works out of her own studio and gallery, whiteSPACE, which is open to the public and located in the Wedge Studios of Asheville’s River Arts District.



A unique combination of life and space expressed through oil painting.

Titan “Titan”

24x48 oil on canvas

Mother Goose “Mother Goose”

24x36 oil on canvas

Twist of Fate “Twist of Fate”

36x48 oil on canvas

Supernova “Supernova”

24x48 oil on canvas

The Engineer “The Engineer”

24x48 oil on canvas