Linda Paul

Linda Paul

Location: Unknown

I am a painter, tile designer and CEO of LInda Paul Studio. My studio creates beautiful kitchen backsplash tile murals and art on canvas.

I am committed to excellence. It is my philosophy and personal standard to create works of art that will last for hundreds of years. There is a saying in the studio, "We are Tiffany, not Kmart". This philosophy translates into everything that is created in the studio from the original paintings, canvas prints and tile murals.

We have thousands of ecstatic customers who have purchased our canvas prints, kitchen backsplash tile murals and original bas-relief and egg tempera paintings. Our customers are homeowners, builders, decorators, restaurants and interior designers.

I work in several mediums including acrylic as well as egg tempera which is one of my favorites. In egg tempera I make my own paint by crushing stones and minerals and adding egg yolk. Blues come from crushed lapis lazuli, greens from malachite and natural green earth found around Verona Italy. This medium is luminous and lasts for centuries.Many of the artworks are sculptures as well as paintings.

Style: I don't paint in any one style, I let inspiration speak to me and I go with the flow. My work runs the gamut from chunky realism to abstract and impressionist painting.
My favorite art inspirations are nature, flowers landscapes and cuisine.

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Original Art by Artist Linda Paul

Beautiful original contemporary art paintings and tile art by artist Linda Paul. Decorative tiles, stunning kitchen murals, original fine art paintings and canvas prints of inspiring landscapes, enticing vineyards and delicious cuisine that will transport you to Tuscany, Italy, France, Cajun country, Mexico and Southwest USA.

 Metaphor - original Contemporary paintings by artist Linda Paul “ Metaphor - original Contemporary paintings by artist Linda Paul”

Set of 3 - each section is 24" x 36" x 2" ready to hang - no frame needed

Artist's Inspiration: This painting has deep metaphorical meaning to me but I think each individual will find his or her own metaphor and personal meaning from the piece.

The paintings are painted in pure egg tempera made from crushed stones, minerals and metals. The gold, silver and bronze metallics in this painting shimmer and catch the light beautifully and change with the light of the day. A protective sealant has been added to the surface.

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 The Vinyard  - Wine Art by artist Linda Paul “ The Vinyard - Wine Art by artist Linda Paul”

This is Linda Paul's signature artowrk

It is available as canvas art in various sizes or as a tile art mural backsplash

Artist's Inspiration: I love misty mornings in the vineyards. Whether in California, France or Italy there is something magical about the mist hanging in the grape vines. Its all so perfect and still. I wanted to capture that feeling in this wine still life &vineyard landscape. The pottery holding the breadsticks has a miniature painting of a wine cellar. Sometimes these miniature paintings are a foreshadowing of future paintings that I have in mind. This artwork is perfect for

Flight - Original Abstract Art Painting “Flight - Original Abstract Art Painting”

Original Abstract Art Paintings of Sunset and two birds in flight in vibrant colors of yellow, orange, red and chocolate brown by artist Linda Paul
price: $2590.00
Size 30" wide x 40" high x 1-1/2" deep
Medium: acrylic paint on canvas
Artist Linda Paul
one of a kind.
frameless - ready to hang with hardware attached to back
Shipping: free in USA and to Canada
colors: yellow, orange, red, rust, brown
sides are painted same as front of painting