Shawn Skeir

Shawn Skeir

Location: Canada

Shawn Skeir's work is based on his long-standing relationship with graphic design, movement and colour theory. Shawn has been a part of the vibrant Toronto art scene for many years and has a wide following. His work is rooted in an emotional urban expressionist style that echoes the movements of light and colour. His recent work strives to create images that represent a unification of organic, analog and fluid movement with our post- digital sensibilities. In some of Shawn's work, strong influences of his Canadian East Coast and African heritage can be seen. Shawn is a consummate painter, inspired and guided by the unexpected results the paint medium can create.


'Weaving Landscape' Paintings by Shawn Skeir

This is an ongoing series by internationally renowned abstract artist Shawn Skeir. The 'Weaving Landscapes' are created with multiple layers of vibrantly coloured paint that coalesce to become intriguing and immersive vistas inspired by the artist's impressions of places he has travelled.