Christine Marsh

Greetings Magnificent Being,
Do you feel amazing about the world and
want vivacious imagery to support you on that path?
Do you sometimes need an oasis in a sea of challenges?
Are you a superhero?

My tribe of art creations aims to heal, uplift,
and empower you on your superhero journey.

I create what I do because my soul puts
glowing droplets of itself into all my creations,
and then proceeds to poke incessantly at me,
saying “Christine, share me with as many people as possible!”

I love to examine the fine details of nature,
bird watch, walk with wonder, read blessed books,
observe and experience miracles, learn, ride my bike,
visit the rainforest of Peru, and spread joy in the world.
I was challenged with powerful depression for 35 years.
Following what my intuition told me to do, completely healed this.
This journey taught me a lot, gave me many gifts.
These gifts enable me to help you build a bridge
over the pools of pain that I had to swim through.

I love potato chips, and will eat a whole bag in moments.
Look for the hidden potato chips in all my art.
Just kidding.
One thing that you can look for is:
I like to put a bird and a frog somewhere in many paintings.
I especially love horses, frogs, and birds.

I am a recovering workaholic and perfectionist.

I give as much time, money, and energy as possible
to rainforest and the earth's restoration,
the movement to create thriving artists,
and helping others to live more joyously.

I have had a wide variety of jobs, including
having worked with companies like Disney, PIXAR, and Warner Brothers.

May you experience many miracles today!
Creative Christine


Visionary Art

Visionary art from the heart of Christine Marsh.

Peregrine Falcon “Peregrine Falcon”

I love birds, and was inspired to attempt to represent the magnificence of the peregrine falcon.
This was originally created in pastel, and then edited enormously in Photoshop.

Mama Quilla “Mama Quilla”

This was created entirely on the computer in Photoshop CS4.

Mama Quilla (detail) “Mama Quilla (detail)”

This is a detail of the 'Mama Quilla' image. This face is in the branch where the bird is sitting.