Noel Santiesteban

Born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Noel Santiesteban graduated from the prestigious Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro, and from Academia de Joyería Coral Negro, the only school in La Havana, Cuba, dedicated to the study of fine arts jewelry. He traveled to Germany to show his work in several german cities and states, and did the same in Netherlands and Spain. He came to the United States in 2000 and has been working nonstop on his art ever since. He is a painter, sculptor, jeweler, engraver, curator, and a tireless creator of art in every form and shape imaginable. At this moment Santiesteban is working as Master Art Curator to the event he co-founded 11 years ago, Art Fest @ Doral. The art show features international, modern and contemporary artwork and several cultural activities to bring joy and to touch the senses of the viewer. He was appointed by Serbian Minister of Tourism and Culture as Ambassador for Belgrade 2020 as European Capital of Culture. As an artist, his works are housed in private collections in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Colombia, Paraguay, France, Bristol, Guadalupe Islands, Mexico, Cuba, Tokyo, Hungary, England, Switzerland and the United States. He is the owner of the Santiesteban Print Schmidt Workshop, otherwise known as “El Taller”, a place where everybody is welcome to come and create and to feel the warmth of a fellow artist.


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