Charles Falarara

Charles Falarara since as a child has always explored the medium of clay, which was very common in his hometown of Brazil. In his later years he acquired formal training in sculpting by working as an assistant apprentice to Artist and professor, Milerne Freire Rodrigues, Bauhaus Art School Ribeirao Preto Sao Paulo. Charles Falarara also worked for two established ceramics ateliers Art Barro owned by Innes Bestetti and Art Forma owned by Leda Antunez and her sister Ledineia Melo in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. Mr. Falarara in collaboration with Art Barro and Art Forma ceramics studios accomplished a large scope of works in decorative ceramics in various styles. Charles Falarara also studied under Jeremiah Goodman, Interior Architect
Illustrator, who currently resides?
in New York. Mr. Falarara worked for over 12 years in the area of Interior Designing by creating and designing ceiling paintings, Murals paintings and many formats of wall faux including silver and gold leafing, throughout the U.S. and Central America.


"Aquatic Myth and Shell"

Charles falarara uses the medium of clay/porcelain to convey sculptural objects that mimic and illustrate references from nature.
Mythology and Mysticism are side by side adorned by the beautiful polychroming.
Clay/Porcelain Sculpture
Polychrome, 24k gold leaf,
cooper leaf, resin and pigments.

Sea Star “Sea Star”

Polychrome Sea inspired sculpture.
Clay/Porcelain, 24 Gold Leaf, Copper leaf, pigments and resin.
7"x 14" around.

Untile “Untile”

Synthetic Black out canvas.
Pencil Drawing, pigments, Madre of pearl paint,
Microban underlayment collage and polyurethane.
72": x 48"

Euphoria “Euphoria”

Synthetic Blackout Canvas
Gold Leaf, pigments, Lace and Fabric collage