Brittany Ellis

Brittany lives and works in Lake Forest, California. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up with a car artist father, and an educator mother she was taught to follow her dreams and accomplish her passions and goals . Brittany’s experience in the art world has taught her to incorporate what she loves, and what she knows, to her conceptual ideas. While attending the Academy of Art University Brittany was compelled to live a creative and innovative driven life. Her background as a painter, photographer, and innovator compelled her to create unique; one of a kind art pieces. By using objects in addition to painting allows her to enforce the message her paintings possess. Brittany's numerous awards and achievements include four publications in Photographer's Forum Magazine, two publications in Teen Ink Magazine, and Artist to Watch in Houston Chronicle news paper (09). Exhibitions including Contemporary Art museum Houston Contents under pressure exhibit (09), The De Young Museum New Generations Matter Exhibit (2012), Arts Benicia Fragments The art of collage and assemblage Exhibition (2015), Las Laguna Gallery Unconventional Means (2015).


Ethereal World of California

he Ethereal World of California, my new art series is based upon the fantasized ideals of California. Being born a native texan, the world of California was glamorous in my eyes. From the Highest glistening skyscrapers to the colorful characteristics of its hobos, there was so much energy in California. Within my series I wanted to show the same energy I feel and see everyday living in California. The body of works I posses range in sizes of 18x 24,16x 20, and 12x12. Each size is chosen with the best compositional layout in mind as well as each subject matter. Using found newspapers, mosaic tile pieces, and my own personal photo reference I find inspiration in everyday life to create abstract scenes of Californian lives.