Location: India

Avani is a Self-taught Digital Artist, living in Mumbai, India. Her Digital Art is in the form of Fine Art-quality, Limited Edition Giclee Prints. All her work is Abstract/Contemporary.
She has been creating Digital Art now for the past 6 years and having dabbled earlier in Ceramics,Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal and Soft Pastels, has finally found her niche in Digital Art.

Upon looking back on life, she finds that art has, and continues to define who she is. Expressions of the various conflicting facets of life that we see, feel and know, find an outlet in her works. Consequently, she says, all her work is a culmination of her very own personal experiences, perceptions and beliefs.
However, she also believes there is no "one" reality, therefore no singularly correct interpretation. In her words : "What you see in my Abstract/ Contemporary Art is a reflection of your own thoughts. It is your perception of the reality that your subconscious mind has uniquely created !"
It is important to understand that all people see things differently, she believes. Therefore..... Let her work be a reflection of your thoughts, of your feelings. Let it be what you perceive the reality of that work to be.

An after-note about the technical aspect of her work : The nature of her medium being flexible, this makes it possible for her to modify her works in the areas of colour palette and size, which is increasingly being appreciated as it gives the end user a chance to customize.



All the art that I have created so far, has been segregated into seven series, namely : Abstract/Contemporary, Seasons, Cityscapes, Painted Music, Haiku Collection, Love & Illusions.

Haiku # 6, Circle Of Life. 18" x 18'. “Haiku # 6, Circle Of Life. 18" x 18'.”

Death my time is nigh.
Reborn my spirit returns;
Karma Incarnate.

Haiku # 9. “Haiku # 9.”

A rock and a stone;
One entity, yet apart.
Neither one complete.

This is what my art looks like... “This is what my art looks like...”

A lot of people are not sure what they will get since they are a bit unsure of what and how Digital Artworks look like when printed. This here is for all those who need reassurance that in Digital Art, what you see is truly what you get and SOMETIMES, even more ! :)