Tjerk Reijinga

Tjerk was born in Hilversum, the Netherlands, in 1955, in a family with many creative relatives so it was no surprise that, after a career in the Communication Industry, he picked up painting.

His appreciation of the great masters has inspired his technique which covers Still Life's, Landscapes, Marines and Murals that translates as "Trompe l'Oeil". During his work, he developed his style into a more magical realistic one, combining old objects with landscapes.

Some of his paintings have been auctioned by well-known auction houses, others are housed in the collections of distinguished private persons, companies and banks.



This portfolio shows a small piece of my work. It started with 17th Century styled paintings and it is evolved in a magical surrealistic atmosphere.

Air “Air”

What do you see in it? Clouds, water or something else?

Still Life

Because I admire the Old Masters I studied their techniques. Still Lifes are nothing more than finger trainings to keep up the technique. My examples are Kalf and the Heem.


My second love in painting are painting marines.

the Golden Lion “the Golden Lion”

A very famous warship. After winning it's battles, it was shredded to pieces because the Dutch had no interest in maintaining the vessel.

Cannon shot “Cannon shot”

The Golden Lion again.

Freight ships “Freight ships”

These ships sailed the western European coasts for business.

Magical Surrealisme

This is the phase I am now in and I am pretty sure it will evolve further.

Thunder “Thunder”

Just playing with some elements and textures

Mysterie “Mysterie”

A mysterious landscape with a river

The present “The present”

This painting reflects the situation in the world