Gédéon Tatti

Gédéon Tatti

Location: Italy

Gideon Tatti is a Belgian artist. His experience as an artist began a long time ago especially after visiting an exhibition in New York, after which he began creating paintings, just to paint. Inspired by abstract expressionism he became able to interpret even the voyeuristic approach, splashes of colors on the basis that corresponds to the vision of the surrounding space. Tatti's technique resembles Pollock's style, with the same execution, the canvas on the floor or on an internal plane space, free from constraints. The Tatti's movements and liberating gestures, become turbulent, and color flows become repetitive. The result is a casting of paint and other materials, a congestion of layers corresponding to contrasting moods. The Tatti's figures are perfect distortion of his real, where the background, dark and sometimes lively, is confused with sharp lines, layer by layer, emotion and reaction. A representation of the unconscious played by color and relief, showing familiar visions or something new.

Criticism: Maria Assunta Fodde


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