Anton Hoeger

Anton Hoeger

Location: Germany

Anton Hoeger was born in Munich on Oct. 30th, 1956. Since the sixth year of his life he has been passionately fond of painting. Later on, one of Prof. Ernst Fuchs’ former master students from the well-known VIENNA SCHOOL became his art teacher and mentor.

Combining both the abilities of sensitive perception and artistic exposition, the artist makes visible what IS in his time.

The art of Anton Höger distinguishes itself by facing extraordinary demands and therefore tighter boundaries. What makes it outstanding is the extended concept of aesthetics. Art does not only exhibit beauty and ugliness as perceived by the artist, but at the same time beauty and ugliness in their unity are the precondition for the possible existence of artist and work of art. Thus, the main issue with Anton Höger’s concept of art is not just the imagination-guided sensation experienced by the “art-consumer” but also the perception of independent processes, described as the “Wesen der Wahrheit (essence of truth)” in the more recent philosophy.



Kain-am I my brother's keeper? Cain can be seen as well as play a dual role. It describes also the destruction of the today's man.

Territorium “Territorium”

Oi lon Linnen 90cm x 215 cm

Adam “Adam”

Oil On Linnen 180cm x 90cm

Adam and Eve (Before) “Adam and Eve (Before)”

Oil on Linnen 120cm x 160cm

In lovely Blueness “In lovely Blueness”

This painting, I did 2016, was inspird by Friedrich Hoelderlin, and a bit more of the music "Kammermusik 1958" after Hoelderlin, by Hans Werner Henze.
Oil on board, 150cm x 150cm