Samantha Mathews, First Nations Children's Books Illustrator

Samantha Mathews, First Nations Children's Books Illustrator

Location: Canada

Traditionally from the Hudson and James Bay region, Samantha is an emerging and self taught Ininiw artist and writer. Mediums: paper collage illustrations, watercolour, hand drawn and digital media.

If you like my work and have a project in mind, please feel free to email me at:

I am available for contracts with native organizations, school boards, small businesses and First Nations companies. I also have experience in creating curriculum, brochures and flyers and have created content for grassroots organizations.

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Watercolour, paper, digital collage

A mishmash of current projects.

Sea of Birches “Sea of Birches”

This is actually a piece that's going towards a creative series called #100daysofIninimowin respectively modeled and inspired by Dakota Brant's #100daysofMohawk and Kwi Awt Stelmexw and their series #?100DaysofSk?wx?wu?7mesh?. Hoping to create some illustrations, both personal and cultural, that reflect the concepts and life of the Ininiw people and launch the series by February 21st, which is International Mother Language Day.

Fish Out of Water “Fish Out of Water”

This is actually another piece that is going towards the Cree series called #100daysofIninimowin.

Muskwa Inini'wuk: The Bear People “Muskwa Inini'wuk: The Bear People”

Cover art for a children's story.

My Father's Carvings “My Father's Carvings”

Watercolour, digital illustrations of my father's wood carvings that he would make and sell. It was always a family affair, the sell. We'd walk all over the place in many of the cities and towns we lived in. One time, we were so tired from walking and started crying from exhaustion and after he sold a carving, he bought us a special gift from the dollar store. We never had a car and that's what we'd do all the time, was go with him to museums, friendship centres, people's houses sometimes. He was an amazing artisan.

Birthday Dress Up Party “Birthday Dress Up Party”

This is a polar bear on his way to a birthday party.

Finding the Goose Eggs “Finding the Goose Eggs”

This a hand drawn illustration depicting the story of Anna and her sister, Indian Residential School Survivors, searching and foraging from the land in the James Bay Coast region. They happen to come across goose eggs which they happily took back with them to share with their family. This is one of the first illustrations depicting an ongoing series called "The Story of Anna" inspired by my mother's own life experiences growing up on the coast of James Bay and living off the land with her large family and the struggles and moments of resiliency that she and they have encountered. This particular illustration is called 'Finding the Goose Eggs'.

Tamarack Bear Tea Co. “Tamarack Bear Tea Co.”

This is actually for a logo design I have been working on for my tea business that I hope to start at the end of this year.

Landscape Samples “Landscape Samples”

Hand drawn illustration, watercolour, untouched/unedited.

Landscape Samples “Landscape Samples”

Hand drawn, watercolour, untouched/unedited.