Yolanda Rodriguez

I'm a Single Mother originally from Illinois moved to Houston
I been drawing since I was in diapers No seriously when I was a little girl my MaMa would be like "If you don't stop drawing on these walls" Well Look at Me now MaMa *Slightly Smilimg*
I never took Art classes I was blessed with such talent to me it's much more than art. It is my passion, my life it defines me as a person with every stroke of the pen I pour out everything I got I can get a short description & let my imagination run wild and create the most unique design My art is all custom none like it I don't do painting I free hand using pastels, metallic pens & pencils only.
My dream & goal is for my art business "NaNa$ Custom Art" to be successful & to have my artwork all around america..
with that being said please enjoy & feel free to spread the word.


Black/White Art

Custom drawings using pen and pencil all freehand

2-Face “2-Face”

2-Faced clowns one is wicked the other side is sad

Gambler's Death “Gambler's Death”

gambling til death

Religious Art

Custom Artwork of Religious from Christian to Catholic

Jesus “Jesus ”

Everything is black and white except for his blood because I want people to focus on the blood that he shed for us & know that it doesn't matter what race you are we all bleed the same

Chicana Style Art

Different styles of Unique Art
Custom drawn

Joy & Pain “Joy & Pain”

Done with color and metallic ink