Joris Kuipers

Born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands (1977), studied at the Frank Mohr Institute (MFA painting department) Groningen 2001/2003, currently working and living in Rotterdam. Kuipers’ work consists of large (room-filling) installations, sculptures and collages.

His work was exhibited at art fairs such as Art Amsterdam NL (2009) and Art Gent BE (2011). He was comissioned to make work for the offices of Vodafone NL (2008) and Facebook NL (2016)



Installations 2007/2016

Vollig Losgelost, 2012 “Vollig Losgelost, 2012”

Acrylic paint on styrofoam
300/300/350 cm

Letting go, 2014 “Letting go, 2014”

Wallrelief with double slide projections

Scanning for symbiosis III, 2009 “Scanning for symbiosis III, 2009”

Roomfilling installation, acrylic paint on styrofoam

Scanning for symbiosis I, 2007 “Scanning for symbiosis I, 2007”

Acrylic paint on styrofoam. Commission for Vodafone 2007

Ceramic sculptures

Ceramic sculptures made at Sundaymorning@EKWC


collages on walls and framed

Letting go II,  2014 “Letting go II, 2014 ”

Acrylic paint on paper, 350/200/5 cm