Location: Italy

Claudio Dell'Osa is an Italian photographer. The passion for photography began around 1999 with the first digital cameras and were close to those of analog, like the Mamiya RB67. The experimentation led him to deepen various techniques. From macro photography to the 3D, from astrophotography to virtual tour. Currently engaged in the photographic enhancement of the Italian territory and in the implementation of various projects that have given rise to various exhibitions and events.

Aurum - Pescara Italy 2015
Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna - Pescara Italy 2016
Museum Michetti - Francavilla al Mare 2016
Le vie delle foto – Trieste Italy 2016
I° classified LX Basilio Cascella 2016
Youmanity - London 2016
n. 5 Special mentions Moscow International Fotography Awards (MIFA) 2016
Nikon annual catalog 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013


Claudio Dell'Osa

Multi-exposure Project

Trevi Fountain “Trevi Fountain”

Decomposition of a heritage monument of humanity with the Multi-Exposure method. The photo comes from the desire to photograph in a different way a fountain, object of thousands photos every day.

Light meets the taste

The undisputed star of the shots that I propose in this selection is the light.
Everyday objects and typical products of our land, skilfully combined,
emerge from caraveggeschi backgrounds, monochrome and very dark, illuminated by flashes of light
make it stand out the pure lines and bright colors.
Suspended in the rarefied atmosphere of these modern "still life fruit," the
manipulation of light and shadow, resurface memories of a distant past that we
lead back to our simple, common roots.