Latesha Houston

Latesha Houston

Location: Australia

Latesha’s aim through her artwork is to uplift, bring joy and inspire you to open your imagination.
Her art is sometimes whimsical, always bright and often with a spiritual message to impart.
Born in North Carolina U.S.A she migrated with her family to Australia when she was a young girl exploring her creativity through painting and drawing and studied art in high school. She has always been a creative and fond of arts and crafts from a young age. Her creativity has since taken over and she enjoys many elements of the creative process whether it be through murals, teaching, live art, drawing, sketching and illustrating. She is inspired by great artists who push colour boundaries such as Henri Rosseau and Henri M. She is a self-taught artist with some instruction from various art inspiring mentors along the way. Her work involves piecing somewhat random elements of nature together. She is a multi-faceted artist who loves to draw first and foremost with works on paper including inks, gouache, watercolour and ink pens. This gives her the opportunity to work in more finite detail and to enjoy the fluidity of watercolour all in one. Her other favourite medium consists of acrylics, oils and enamel on canvas giving the rich brightness of colours across the canvas. Equally in love with both mediums she incorporates the same themes across both areas of her work. The eternal wanderer and discoverer of nature and its beauty. Her inspiration is drawn from the natural landscape surrounding her and her travels especially road trips across the country adding some imaginative surreal elements of wildlife and people.
Her motto being to `spread a little light to the world through the canvas’


Cosmic Rumble

Watch the angels fall from the sky. It is said that birds are closely connected to the angelic realm and the bird calls we hear are similar to the angels call if you listen closely..

This piece was inspired by a mystical realm in my mind and what it would look like if the angels and birds fell from the sky.
A beautiful meld of inks, watercolours, gouache, gold enamel and acrylic on 300gsm paper