Location: Germany

Wynand is a professional nature photographer and digital photo artist, being mostly inspired by African wildlife and landscape photography, and creating digital photo art from a variety of themes including nature, abstracts, cities, people & reflections.

With my Photo Art Images I like to inspire people to look beyond the obvious and strait forward, and see something creative, unique, fascinating, thought provoking and new in everything they see and experience. To become more aware that everything has multiple layers in all aspects of existence, and unlimited hidden information to be discovered. Everything is connected to everything else in some ways, and human knowledge is still only a drop in the ocean of all that there is to know & experience.

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Images are available to purchase online as Fine Art Prints in various formats and on various material. Shipped world wide.



Reflections from photos in real life, or created digitally by combining different photos and carefully applying various filter effects & distrortions

Reflections019 “Reflections019”

A photo of a street scene in Amsterdam reflected in a canal. Image is inverted.

reflections008 “reflections008”

Munich city scene at night with digital reflection

reflections004 “reflections004”

Close up of houses in Amsterdam reflected in water. Image is inverted.

Reflections062 “Reflections062”

Close up of houses in Amsterdam reflected in water. Image is inverted.

Reflections028 “Reflections028”

Branches and leaves reflected and distorted in water. Colour restyled.

Reflections110 “Reflections110”

Trees reflected in water. Image inverted.

Reflections111 “Reflections111”

Trees reflected and distorted in water. Image inverted.

Reflections007 “Reflections007”

Houses on island in Regensburg reflected & distorted in river.