Mila Meier

Mila Meier

Location: Germany

I was born in Russia during the beautiful autumn season on September. 1980 I have as Dip. Engineer in the field of thermal engineering completed. In 1998 I moved to Germany.
Time 2014 I am severely handicapped and from this point on I started my colorful life as an artist. The inspiration for all my pictures is the joy of my life and I try to forget the physical and mental pain. That is why my pictures radiate with positive energy and convey the desire of life, the desire to create new ones. When people see my pictures, you can not believe that they are painted in the most difficult time of my life.
My pictures are my children, the world for the pleasure of the viewer on tour - my goal is to inspire people with my pictures! "My painting style is original and unique - a mix of realism and magical fantasy, I thank art lovers from different countries around the world where my paintings have found their new home / in Lüxsemburg, Germany, Denmark, Austria and other countries.Internationale Künstlerin Mila Meier
14.ab 23.08.2018-20.10.2018- in Schloss Kapfenberg!Organisiert von der Galerie Artfactory Graz durch Raimund Seidl & Simone Seidl . - ARTWALL Projekt "Artfactory-Galerie" Graz Österreich "Sisi Castle" Aichach Klausenweg 1 Germany
11. 31.10.2017-24.11.2017 For Foundation "Maria-Probst" Köwe Regensburg Germany
10. 01.03.2017-27.03.2017 Vienna, Gallery "The gallery Steiner" Str.Kurrentgasse 4 Austria
9. 30.10.2016-17.12.2016- For Foundation "Maria-Probst Köwe Regensburg, Germany
8. 30.09.2016 - 03.10.2016 Ballhaus Pankow Berlin Germany "Art Partner Gallery" Adlmannstein Germany
6. 18.11.2015 - 16.01.2016 In "ELLIA" Eckert Regenstauf Germany to 15.11.2015 Albert-Schweizer Str.10 Bernhardswald Germany
Permanent exhibitions and museum:
4.Ab - 2018 European Art Museum "Leif Nielsen" in Denmark
3.Ab 17.08.17 -17.11.2017 -Practice Dr.Gold 93170 Bernhardswald Germany
2. Minoritenhof - BRK Trothengasse 7, Regensburg Germany
1 .17.04.2015-19.04.2017 - In the castle Zum Alten Schloss 2, Bernhardswald Germany


Bilder von Künstlerin Mila Meier

Malerei auf Leinwand

"Cinderella" “"Cinderella" ”

"Cinderella" Leinwand 100 cm x 100 cm Ölfarbe,Acryl.11.01.2017 Preis;8 000,00€

"Der heiße Traum" “"Der heiße Traum" ”

Bild "Der heiße Traum" 3 D Leinwand 130 cm x 90 cm.Ölfarbe 27.04.2017 Preis-8 000,00€

"Schaukel" “"Schaukel" ”

"Schaukel" Leinwand 70 cm x 60 cm. Ölfarbe.08.03.2015 Preis -1620,00€

Die Frau mit dem Schmetterling" “Die Frau mit dem Schmetterling"”

Die Frau mit dem Schmetterling""Leinwand. 80 cm x 30 cm.Acrylfarbe.Ölfarbe .08.07.2014 Preis - 800,00€
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"Eisberg “"Eisberg”

Bild "Eisberg" mit 3 D Effekten,Leinwand 80 x 80 cm,Ölfarbe Internationale Künstlerin Mila Meier

"Universum im Altweibersommer “"Universum im Altweibersommer ”

"Universum im Altweibersommer " 3D Leinwand 75 x 120cm.12.08.2018.Gemischt Technik mit Spray Paint
Atemberaubendes Bild-"Universum im Altweibersommer".Es verbindet das Universum mit unserer Welt- wie ein Spinnennetz im Altweibersommer.. Sternen, Kosmos und Herbstlaub in einem Raum !