Peter Eleveld

I have been working in the professional photography industry (Rijksmuseum,, etc) for many years, with both mediums, film and digital. Now I was at that point where I could not feel the excitement/creativity anymore. How to find a new way?
I was always attracted to the old big wooden cameras and all the historic photographic processes. So, I decided to find myself a 10”x10” wooden camera and start working with the Wet Plate collodion process. With this I could go back to the very beginning of the photography.
The Wet Plate process is exciting and full of surprises and sometimes disappointments! You only have one prepared Wet Plate and one chance to get it right. You have to think ahead, make the composition, light, time, aperture and it will all come together in one unique magic moment. This magic moment happens sometimes and then a one-of-a-kind photo develops in front of your eye!
I hope you enjoy my WetPlate photography.


Latest WetPlate Images

In this portfolio some of my latest WetPlate images

The Egg House “The Egg House”

Experiment with glass and eggs