Michael D Jicha

Philadelphia based contemporary photographer whose work is inspired by post impressionist and surrealist painters.


project 1910 impressions of diversity

This series is a contemporary photographic interpretation of impressionism, post-impressionism and surrealism, taking inspiration from the colors, texture and subject matter of painters such as Magritte and Singer Sargent.

Guardian Angels “Guardian Angels”

we are all protected by guardian angels

Rene' “Rene'”

This image is inspired by Rene' Magritte

Lady in Waiting “Lady in Waiting”

Portrait of an aging Elizabethan courtesan

The Hunter “The Hunter”

Portrait of a British Hunter

3's a party “3's a party”

Portrait of a party boy and his 2 party spirits

Sr St Jude “Sr St Jude”

A Nun named after the patron saint of hopeless causes deep in prayer

Josh and his budgie “Josh and his budgie”

young boy and his pet budgie

absinthe dulls the pain “absinthe dulls the pain”

sad older gentleman drinking absinthe

we all become ancestors “we all become ancestors ”

surrealist photograph

Reine Or “Reine Or”

French Queen with wild gold hair

Mischievous Spirit “Mischievous Spirit”

Japanese kitsune mischievous cat