Manya Welch

Everything I do is an expression of love for the beautiful qualities of the human spirit. I believe that feeling happiness; peace, hope and joy give rise to compassion, unconditional love and kindness. I just happen to create unique and colourful paintings to inspire those positive emotions and help you create a happy and uplifting environment.

Are you a spiritual teacher looking for inspirational colourful art to make your environment bright and joyful all year round?

Would you like a bespoke painting that oozes colour, vibrancy and spiritualism in a unique and original way?

Representations of nature or organic forms are beautiful presented in an array of rainbow colours, my vibrant and bright art work will be sure to brighten up your day.

My paintings connect the spiritual with the colourful in my unique and original detailed compositions.

Each painting is a creative expression of hope and happiness with positive affirmations to help you keep the vibration high.

Get in touch to purchase a painting or request a commission.

BA(Hons) in Fine Art 1st Degree 2007
Birmingham ArtsFest 2008
Nubyond Universal Creativity Art Exhibition 2015
Still Point Art Gallery Award Winner for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality 2019


ColourScopic Earth

Helping spiritual teachers create a positive and uplifting environment through my unique and colourful paintings.

Would you love to have a visually stunning original painting that oozes everything your sacred space means to you?

Maybe it's a place you meditate in to find inner peace, or a place for tranquillity, or even to get your energy flowing and raise those vibrations!

Tell me your story and the story of your space, let me help in customising a unique original painting just for you, your space, or for your clients to enjoy.

Let's discuss the colour palette, maybe the aqua's and turquoise for waves of tranquillity?

Perhaps lilacs or purples for spiritual and meditation work?

Or maybe something vibrant and bright in reds, oranges and yellow for energy and motivation?

Perhaps it's the rainbow you're after with all the colours merging and dancing on the canvas coming together to celebrate life itself and all that you are and all that you can become?

Drop me a message to discuss your commission today!

Life is a Beautiful Rainbow “Life is a Beautiful Rainbow”

Are you looking to create a little space of happiness and in need of that colourful ‘wow’ piece of art?

A visually stunning painting of botanical undertones coming together in a mesmerizing collage as the vibrant colours dance on the canvas singing the melody of nature.

This painting can deliver on that ‘wow’ aspect with its vibrant and dynamic colour composition it will brighten up your environment regardless of the weather!

Let this painting speak to your heart with its message.

“May the mesmerizing collage of nature inspire you to colour your own life beautifully.”

Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24” £400 plus shipping

Message me for more info!

Tree of Dreams “Tree of Dreams”

A visually stunning painting that is packed full of vibrancy and energy to help you create a space full of possibilities.

The dazzling and beautiful tree of dreams comes to you as an expression of hope, belief and endless possibilities.

Imagine yourself sitting under the tree with it's gorgeous colourful foilage, with a gentle breeze in the air, releasing the feathers holding your hopes as they float in to your reality.

Let its message of 'manifesration' speak to you.

"When our dreams are ready to be manifested in to our reality they will flow in to our lives but first we must have faith and patience and keep nuturing our dreams with our thoughts. Have faith and hope in your dreams, believe in yourself and your goals and discover your true potential."

Acrylic on Canvas 50" x 40" £1000 plus shipping.

Message me for info!

Miracles of Three “Miracles of Three”

Helping you to achieve a state of motivational inspiration by seeing the beauty in the world around you.

Are you looking for that beautiful vibrant statement piece that speaks to your soul?

‘Miracles of Three’ is a happy and colourful composition that will uplift your environment with images of a spring day and new growth.

Be inspired by the blossoming flowers as they re-awaken from their dormant months and let your eyes dance in an array of colours.

‘Miracles of Three’ bring together the Mind, Body and Spirit in a triangular composition on the canvas, and as with all my paintings they are accompanied with affirmations of hope.

Let the message of this painting speak to your soul.

“Now is the time to leave the shadows behind, turn towards the sunshine, growing and blossoming in to your full potential by aligning your mind, body and spirit."

Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 50" £1000 Shipping costs will apply.

lease contact me for information.

Eden “Eden”

Passionate about colour and inspired by the universe, a beautiful and dazzling painting to make your soul sing.

Are you looking to create a little space of happiness and in need of that colourful ‘wow’ piece of art?

Let Eden energize your soul and bring uplifting dynamic energy into your space.

Let your eyes wonder into the world beyond the veil and experience all of natures colourful beauty.

Eden is a reminder to “…view the world around you with the eyes of your soul to see the beauty that already exists”

Acrylic on Canvas - 20" x 40" £500

Shipping costs will apply.

Please contact me for information.

Butterflies “Butterflies”

A happy, hopeful and joyful ‘you’ can become a happy, hopeful and joyful ‘world’!

Butterflies come to you as symbol of transformation as your life unfolds and takes you on a different path.

Let ‘Butterflies’ be a reminder of the wonderful journey you have started on and uplift your environment as the colours flutter on the canvas.

In ‘Butterflies’ you can…. “Embrace the changes and transformations that are taking place in your life as they can lead you to extraordinary heights.”

Acrylic on Canvas - £100 - 16" x 16"

Shipping costs will apply.

Please contact me for information.

Energy Swirls “Energy Swirls”

A painting that is packed full of vibrancy and energy to create a space of high vibes!

Are you looking for a piece of vibrant art that just oozes dynamic energy to uplift your environmen

‘Energy Swirls’ can help you to create a little space of motivation as you gaze at the ebbing and flowing movement of the life energy itself.

Appearing separate but at the same time merging and blending as one, a reminder that we are all connected to a bigger web of life.

Let ‘Energy Swirls’ speak to your soul with a message of energy.

“May the dynamic energy of the life force within each of us, flow from within and embrace all aspects of your life. Always ebbing and flowing, merging together as one. May your energy compliment others around you through acts of kindness.”

Acrylic on Canvas - 24" x 18" - £250

Shipping costs will apply.

Please contact me for information.