Manya Welch

I believe in humanity, in the power of unconditional love and in the collective consciousness and that all these things can come together to make positive changes in the world we see around us.

I believe that creative expression has the ability to convey these messages.

I paint guided compositions of nature using colour to inspire and provide a visual expression of peace, happiness, belief and joy with the hope that these positive emotions transcends into the beautiful qualities of the human spirit.

My designs start off as paintings, the compositions are guided to me and I paint with the colours that I can see in my mind's eye.

It is my intention that you enjoy looking through my portfolio and that it somehow makes your soul sing and leaves you smiling.

If you would love to have a colourful piece of art to look at that brightens your day then please get in touch to purchase a painting or request a commission.

In Warmth

BA(Hons) in Fine Art 1st Degree 2007
Birmingham ArtsFest 2008
Nubyond Universal Creativity Art Exhibition 2015
Still Point Art Gallery Award Winner for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality 2019


ColourScopic Earth

I have faith and belief in humanity and in our ability to create a happy and harmonious world.
I paint guided compositions of nature using colour to inspire and provide a visual expression of peace, happiness, belief and joy, with the hope that these positive emotions transcend into the beautiful qualities of the human spirit.
It is my intention that through my colourful art work you will always have something to look at that brightens your day.
Get in touch to purchase a painting or request a commission.

Life is a Beautiful Rainbow “Life is a Beautiful Rainbow”

‘Life is a Beautiful Rainbow’ is a mesmerising collage of the spirit of nature, I hope to convey feelings of dynamic energy, motivation and joy through the composition and use of vibrant colour.

Butterflies “Butterflies”

Butterflies are my favourite motif and they appear several times in my paintings, I view butterflies as an extraordinary symbol of transformation and I hope to share that with the viewer through this composition.

I was inspired to express messages of hope and belief in oneself and that anything can be possible, change is not be feared but when embraced it can take us on to the most extraordinary journey.

I hope that through this painting the viewer will feel ready to embrace the changes and transformations that may be taking place in their live and feel excited, positive and joyful about their new ventures in life.

Energy Swirls “Energy Swirls”

An abstract of the movement of life always ebbing and flowing as one while at the same time appearing separate. I was inspired to convey a message of unity in this painting, and I hope that the viewer will see that we are all one traveling in different directions while at the same complimenting each other’s path and also merging together different aspects of our own individuality.

I hope to convey a feeling of dynamic energy which is life itself, a colourful array of our life journeys blending as one while appearing separate.

Colour Creation “Colour Creation”

The composition in ‘Colour Creation’ draws the eye to the focal point of the nurturing hands around a sphere which contains a lotus flower and humming birds, butterflies ad foliage can be seen to surround this centre composition. There are four wheels at each corner which represent the seasons.
All my paintings originate from a higher consciousness and are guided to me as an expression of a spiritual message.

This painting was inspired by the concept of nurturing and being the creators of our own world ad our reality. I hope the use of butterflies in this painting conveys the idea of transformation and by letting go, something extraordinary can be waiting for us in our lives while at the same time inspiring a belief that we can shape our own reality and we don’t need to struggle to achieve something truly miraculous.

Tree of Dreams “Tree of Dreams”

This painting is an expression of our hopes and dreams.

The tree is nurtured by mother earth’s love for the creation of the beautiful aspects of our natural world, by using an array of colour I hope to push the boundaries of what we see with our physical sight.

The message I hope to have expressed in this painting is 'belief', when our dreams are ready to be manifested into our reality they will flow into our lives but first we must keep nurturing our dreams with our positive thoughts.

It is an expression of positive thoughts which are the beginnings of creating a wonderful world we can only imagine. It is also a reminder that beauty can be found in our beautiful planet if we can change our perception and focus on the positive aspects of our world as a collective consciousness.

Miracles of Three “Miracles of Three”

The colour combinations of the flowers are painted in sets of 3 to form a triangle on the canvas as a representation of the Mind, Body and Spirit.
My inspiration for most of my art comes from nature and I paint what I can see in my mind’s eye with all the vibrant and bright colours. Nature for me is just a sign of how miraculous life is, in particular how life just begins again after the winter dormant months. That in itself is symbolic of new beginnings and the energy of life is always moving in cycles. Flowers will grow towards the sunshine leaving the shadows behind and I find that very inspirational.
I was hoping to express re-birth and growth and through this painting feeling of happiness and joy.