Fenna Van Der Vliet

My name is Fenna van der Vliet and I’m a dutch, Rotterdam based, artist born on 13 decembre 1982. I began composing images in 2002 for my graduation project where I made a concept for a VR game to overcome fears.
My conceptual thinking was formed to melting visual compositions from separate images. Being a trained photographer from 2007, I work with only the best images in lighting that covers the subject that I’m addressing in my story.


World Impact

A mixed media compilation of images of the contradiction between urban and nature. Technique is giclée print on dibond with neon acrylic paint and metallic pen, finished with multiple layers of liquid gloss.

Moonstone “Moonstone”

dimensions 100x100cm mixed media

Forest Fade “Forest Fade”

Dimensions 100x100cm mixed media

Goldenway “Goldenway”

Dimensions 100x100cm mixed media

Starfall “Starfall”

Dimensions 100x100cm mixed media

Blue Bay “Blue Bay”

Dimensions 100x100cm mixed media