Tiit Räis

Tiit Räis

Location: Estonia

Tiit Räis (1949) Photographer - Photo Artist - Estonia
Tiit Räis was born in 1949 in Dago, Estonia.
He became to develop his photography skills in homeland
and for two years in Russia. He has studied aerophotography,
and other special techniques, among them fine art, artistic techniques.
He has participated in many group exhibitions in Estonia and many other countries.
He has had more than 40 personal exhibitions up to today and his works
belong to private and public collections in many countries.
He is an internationally awarded artist.


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Tiit, as a photo artist and photographer, photographic techniques and technologies primarily uses for two reasons:

- the realization of his thoughts and ideas, "giving solutions" through the visual language,
and for that, using a wide variety, all kind of specialized equipment and photographic technologies and techniques of the film
photography; or now - rich variety of digital photography possibilities among them.
Often varying the combination of abundant opportunities for the better result.
The only thing that matters is the result, the final result!

- Genres in the documentary (as a creative photographer) Tiit often uses special techniques also, more than only retouche:

- His creative credo is to not lose the message of self-truth, how the truth is formalized to the viewer, it is mostly
depends on the talent of photographer, some kind of other circumstances -
if done, the clearer the image and message content will be itself!

Only the camera(s) and lens(es) selection, camera angles, plus select a source, orientation, plus the brightness and contrast,
color balance, using filters, etc. - "I dare say that there is no pure documentary, after all", says Tiit.
It is only a moment suspended in time, what sort of photograph of each author interprets his own way.

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