Stef Vedder



The paintings in this portfolio give an impression of my latest work. Each painting has its own story and are a combination of abstract expressionism with elements of pop-art.

War “War”

“War” is a painting about the meaninglessness of war. the number at the bottom right is the penultimate number tattooed in Auschwitz. the painting is a memory of all the people who died senselessly in concentration camps and every other victim of wars.

Parents “Parents”

the painting parents is about my parents' marriage. a loving marriage with the presence of my grandfather as a downside. when my grandmother died, he moved in with my parents, entirely according to the applicable standards. my father endured his angry looks for 30 years. when my grandfather died my mom asked if my dad would do it again if he was put to it. he immediately said yes. in the painting all important data from the life of my parents are processed in binary code.

Be “Be”

Be, is about being. You have to be who you are. do not be ashamed of your character, orientation or beliefs. But be who you are and respect others the way they are.

Selfportrait “Selfportrait”

Self-portrait is about the inner battle I as an artist wage over life issues. The polarized society that leaves little room for normal discussion. It just seems yes or no nowadays and maybe just not seems possible anymore.

Cocaïne “Cocaïne ”

Cocaine is not an advertisement for the use of cocaine. on the contrary. It is a protest against the hypocrisy in society. Cocaine is bad for you and you have to make an effort to get it. Coca cola is, because of all the sugars, also very bad for you but available on every corner of the street.

Beauty “Beauty”

Beauty. What is beauty. Beauty is subjective. What is beautiful for one person is ugly for another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.