Chetan Katigar

chetan katigar

Location: India

Chetan katigar was born in Karnataka state in
1989 , he stay in surat city in Gujarat and he
received art from pinkal art institute in surat
and he is from very poor family and chetan
katigar working as textile designer he likes to work watercolor and oil color base and he like to capture motivation and abstract impression subject and object, different subject are allow him different ideas.
He exhibited him work in major city as Mumbai,Bangalore, surat ,and he participated in many competition and very collection in different city Mumbai,london, surat,Bangalore
He think everyday is new and sometimes night are scary ,no hills is too high and climb to mud puddles are mirror ,a blank pages are playground and bare feet are for touching dreams are transformative and stories are magical time is a construct and truth is puzzle ,word like intermediality and multimodality really mean’’possibility’’ I still ask ‘’what if’’? and ‘’why’’ even if it annoys big people.
Working in traditional arts disciplines and new media,I combine known and new techniques and tools in my work, at the heart of the art I make is a desire to engage thought and discussion to practice the finest art of all –conversation. By thinking ,listening and telling stories in visual,verbal and combined mediums ,chetan katigar like to re-present and represent people and things,especially places,that cannot or will not talk or that speak in languages unfamiliar to ours


the lady

watercolor on paper
without framimg