• Artiste peintre Française, vivant et travaillant aux Pays-Bas.
• French Artist painter living and working in the Netherlands.

>Inspiration / portraits expressifs de femmes.
Ma peinture? C’est l'expression des sentiments à travers des portraits de femmes que nous pouvons reconnaître. Dans le raccourci geste fugace, souvenirs émotionnels, à la lumière de nos vies rapides. Une histoire de passages entre Paris, Rome et Rotterdam ...

> Inspiration / Expressive portraits of women.
My painting? It’s the expression of feelings through portraits of Women that we can recognize. In the shortcut fleeting gesture, emotional memories, in light of our fast lives. A history of passages between Paris, Rome and Rotterdam ...
These portraits of women tell a story. Mine, yours, and surely that of men who have crossed or will cross one day, one of them.


Ordinary day

ordinary woman
Series inspired by the news we receive every day. These portraits of women tell us a story made souvenirs, small joys or sorrows. This could have been an Ordinary Day.

Red Glove “Red Glove”

Portrait of girls holding hands. The big sister is wearing a red glove.
60x80 cm - acrylic and varnish

Next to my mother “Next to my mother ”

The gaze of my mother. As an envious remonstrance.
80x60 cm - acrylic and varnish

The message “The message”

The message
The bee is now a major sentinel of the environment. And she tirelessly warns: "When bees disappear, the days of man are counted! ".

Under the rain “Under the rain”

I feel free in the forest and I give myself under the rain. Painting on canvas
• 70x100x2 cm • acrylic vernish • 2014