Alexandra Davies

My name is Alexandra Davies, I live and work in the United Kingdom. I have had work published in eight international contemporary art books and have been invited to exhibit work all over the world. I chose to express my thoughts and feelings through contemporary art, against all advice, and am now glad I did. None of the artwork shown is available for sale.
my email address is
if you would like to see some of my published work please google Masters of today collective art books series then click on ART UNLIMITED page 66 Alexandra davies.

I am exhibiting ten pictures in LA with world wide art books.
this year I shall be travelling all over the world exhibiting in all the top art galleries in paris greece italy portugal miami new york and more I would buy these pictures now as pretty soon they may be worth millions

These are all the works that have been published and ones which no one will be able to buy twice. books coming out in the shops at beginning of october, lots of books with artwork in out already Sengalati by salvatore russo its probably on the internet too I wont put them all on but if you want to buy anything feel free to email me I dont have to pay any a third so my prices are quite cheap i have been using the wrong email address and messages cant get past the firewall this should now be remedied if you dont get a reply it doesnt mean i dont want to sell if you cant get a reply send a picture with it that always works
I have recently had a poem published in a magazine called urban image it is under the section poetic justice and can be found on the internet in this months edition.