Nataliia Krykun

Nataliia Krykun

Location: Austria
Regular participant of various competitions and exhibitions, artworks are in private collections in Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Germany and Austria.

In 2011 received Master's in NULES of Ukraine.

07.2014 - Auction "Save Ukraine".
06.2014 - "Colors Of Life" Ukraine.

15.10.-15.11.2012 - personal exhibition "Alpha" in Kremenets regional museum (photos, paintings, embroidered pictures) Kremenets, Ukraine.
Participation in group exhibitions:
23.11.2012 - exhibition of finalists of “Our GOLOSIEVO - the capital of Kiev! FIRST IMPRESSIONS”, NUBiP of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
06.04.2013 - exhibition of works of art competition art festival “EKONYAKA”, Palace of Art, 17, Copernicus street, Lviv, Ukraine.
09-15.04.2013 - exhibition "Kyiv forever", Gallery "Lavra", 1, Lavra street, Kyiv, Ukraine.
11-12. 04. 2013 - exhibition at the festival "Publishing NON-STOP», KNUKiM (36a, Schors street), Kyiv, Ukraine.
18-31.08.2013 - Festival of Contemporary Visions “ARTCLOUD#4”, Florence, Italy.
18-22.09. 2013 - "Art Fair B.AGL – Berlin Artists GO Live", Berlin, Germany.