Harley Armstrong

HELLO WORLD OF COOKIES AND CREAM, or maybe just dirt and snow. I don't have time to finish this bio now, so here's a few things you should know about me.

food.. I like food.

*I will update this sometime*


Original Pieces

This is just a huge ton of my art that I've actually finished. (yay)
Most of them consist of my original characters, and then there's some of just random characters I've made up specifically for the piece itself.
My deviantart link is here for more pieces that I decide not to post here:

Character Concepts “Character Concepts”

characters from left to right:
Rikki Thomas Stennion, Xiearr Godem Sights, Raven Cilia Sights, Ashia Tracy Sights, Mikshi Tannons Yonan

Multi-media paper
Micron ink pens/Black markers
White Gel Pen

Rikki Thomas Stennion Portrait “Rikki Thomas Stennion Portrait”

"The weak will inherit the fallen world..."

One of my original characters from the series I have yet to finish.

Time: 4 hours
Materials: Photoshop CS6 Extended
Characters: Rikki Thomas Stennion (O.C.)